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The Insurance Push Model is Dying

Chris's Note:  I asked Clara Stahl, RiskGenius Marketing Analyst, to write about how she views insurance.  While there are many articles claiming to understand millennials and insurance, I thought it would be helpful to hear directly from a millennial.  Her message is simple:  the traditional manner of selling insurance won't work anymore.  Make sure you read to the end, where Clara provides tips for all insurance agents selling to millennials.  


As a person in my twenties, I do not have many insurance needs. I have my health insurance plan, my renters insurance, and soon I will be needing an auto-insurance policy. Despite my current needs, I cannot tell you the countless times I have gotten unsolicited phone calls and emails from agents and insurance companies (my current providers and others) about things that I am not yet ready to buy.


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7 Must Read Business Books for Insurance Pros

Insurance agents have a tough job. An agent could work with any number of industries on a given day. One customer might work in transportation, another in construction. An agent must understand each of these industries.

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3 Characteristics of Amazing Insurance Agents

Listening to smart, successful people is fun and empowering. I wish I had done more of it when I was a young (20ish) professional. On August 19, I attended a wonderful panel called "Grow to CEO" hosted by GenKC and CBIZ.

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