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Guess Who's Back?

Hi, I've missed you. RiskGenius has missed you. It's good to be back.

We didn't really go anywhere. The RiskGenius team just put it's head down and started doing the work. We worked on large deployments. We figured out how to scale supervised review. I went on a self-imposed insurtech conference hiatus. And we introduced our own proprietary machine learning platform (more on that below).

And we won this cool Entrepreneur of the Year competition.

Now the RiskGenius team is emerging. We are ready to share with you what we've been working on.

Guess Who's Back?


Meet Johannes

Johannes is our proprietary machine learning program. It was built specifically for short clauses of text; we created it so that it would eat insurance policy language for breakfast.

Why Johannes? All I can tell you is that our Senior Data Scientist named the algorithm after Johannes Gutenberg. I am otherwise sworn to secrecy. For now.


Johannes Begets Analytics

With Johannes finished, we were able to scale up our Analytics module in a major way.

The Analytics module has one sole purpose: take two or more clauses and score them against each other to determine how similar or different they are. Then return the results.

Before Johannes, our Analytics configuration took too much time to score two clauses. Now clause scores run in seconds. You can score a whole library of policies against each other in minutes.


Why Analytics Matters

Before we introduced these tools, RiskGenius simply classified similar information. For example, pre-Johannes RiskGenius could compare two clauses that are categorized as “war exclusions.”

Now RiskGenius classifies and objectively scores information. For example, RiskGenius (powered by Johannes) can now take two (or more) war exclusion clauses and score them against each other. Imagine if you have 100 war exclusion clauses in your forms library. RiskGenius can automatically score them against each other to show you which ones are most similar and different.

Hello, policy rationalization.

Imagine you are a broker that likes a particular definition of “director.” What carriers use a definition of director similar to your preference? Analytics can show you.

Johannes plus Analytics will allow us to do a bunch of things that have been on our roadmap. You may recall that we are going to publish a cyber insurance policy report. That is still going to happen. We just pushed it off because we wanted Analytics to be available to users interested in doing their own cyber insurance sleuthing.


Meet Bryan (He’s a Human!)

Bryan Wilson is a human. He recently graduated from law school. Bryan is also a policy analyst at RiskGenius.

I have asked Bryan to do two things.

First, he is going to complete the cyber report.

Second, he is going to use the Analytics tool to come up with interesting insurance policy language analysis every week.

Look for his first blog post on Wednesday.

It’s good to be back.