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Global Insurance Accelerator Series: Insurance Social.Media

by Clara Stahl | May 03, 2016


On April 27, six #insurtech startups pitched at the Global Insurance Symposium.  RiskGenius will be posting a series of articles on the Global Insurance Accelerator companies.  


Elisabeth Deffner was a freelance writer who moved into editing for national and local publications, and then into corporate communications focusing on insurance. She and her partner, David Beall had been working together to consult companies on marketing plans for insurance agents. There was no software solution available for these agents that would have made their marketing plans easier, and that’s when Insurance Social.media was formed. They wanted to create a social media marketing platform that was a collaboration of agents and writers, to make an affordable, easy, and effective solution for insurance agents.

There are currently no other companies focusing solely on insurance marketing that contain not only national content, but also local and regional as well. Agents like being tied to their communities and posting things that are relevant to their local audience.

Their tiered subscription model provides a basic plan that allows users to access their large database, and to schedule posts across their social media accounts such as, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to name a few. The agent would first create a profile consisting of 20 variables, and their software matches posting content to the specific agent, pulling from over 35,000 tweets located in its library/database. The software also allows users to be able to post from their interface to many different sites at once, and provides reports on engagement, as well as scheduled posts for as far as two weeks in advance. This basic plan costs $39/month and add-ons are only needed for those agents who want additional services like a live representative for assistance when needed. This makes the plans affordable and adaptive to each user’s needs. In the initial trials of the product, agents were actually the ones asking for this type of model.

Insurance Social.media is looking to partner with insurance companies to get its product to agents. They want insurance providers to be able to upload content to the software that it can then be easily accessible and distributed to agents within the company. That way it is easier for agents to post content related to various marketing campaigns of the company as a whole. This subscription method would also allow carriers/providers to be able to give access to the software to various agents within the company or assist with paying for their individual plans. Insurance Social.media is looking to open a direct dialogue between insurance companies and social media.

Insurance Social.media plans to launch this product in July of 2016. They completed the software about 6-7 months ago, and began pilot testing with agents. This program ended around the beginning of 2016. 71% of agents that participated in the pilot program increased their Facebook followers through using InsuranceSocial.Media. They have around a dozen carriers interested in adopting the software when it becomes available.

They aren’t looking to disrupt the current market, but instead focus on online presences and current online platforms. They want to extend into LinkedIn and to offer video-social media platforms in the future. Instead of creating additional products, they want to built additional value-added services to improve and enhance user’s experiences with the current product. Their long-term goals consist of partnering with as many insurance companies as possible, and expanding their customer-base from companies to agents to consumers, to build more relationships.

Insurance Social.media is apart of the Global Insurance Accelerator. The aptitude of insurance knowledge in Des Moines, Iowa has proven to be the most valuable thing they have gained. The access and assistance from these kinds of insurance experts, coupled with great feedback has really helped them to grow. This feedback inspires ideas on how to enhance certain features, as well as, improve the functionality and their ability to incorporate new ideas into the product. They also appreciate the validation that comes from being accepted to participate in the program, and having several small investors who believe in what they are doing. All of these things have boosted their credibility, and future customer base

Elisabeth and her partner will be apart of Global Insurance Accelerator’s Demo Day Pitches on Wednesday, April 27th (2016), at the Global Insurance Symposium in Des Moines, Iowa.


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For this article I interviewed Elisabeth Deffner and David Beall Founders of Insurance Social.media

Insurance Social.Media | Orange, California | www.insurancesocial.media | http://www.globalinsuranceaccelerator.com