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Chris Cheatham
I'm like the Dr. Dre of insurance policies.
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Insurance Industry Buys into RiskGenius Yet Again

by Chris Cheatham | Jul 18, 2019 | Scaling Software

Hi folks. Yes, I copied and pasted a press release, but it's an important one. RiskGenius is growing rapidly. I thought you should know. Holla, Chris 

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RiskGenius Partners with State Insurance Departments

RiskGenius and Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Katharine L. Wade are pleased to announce that the Department is participating in a pilot program to test a web-based platform that applies machine learning to determine if it improves the regulatory reviews of insurance company filings and ultimately moves approved products more quickly to the market for greater consumer choice.

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Fixing Commercial Property Insurance (Part 2)

Hopefully, from the last post, it is apparent that there is a disconnect that exists in the commercial property underwriting world. There was certainly a lot of feedback from the first post over on Linkedin. For example, I loved this in depth response: 

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Fixing Commercial Property Insurance (Part 1)

This blog post has been five years in the making. Five years ago, we started exploring how our company could help with policy wordings. Immediately, we started hearing from commercial property underwriters. Can you help us review broker-manuscripted policies, these underwriters asked.

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Genius Update, 2018 Q2

I have been reading with envy as business to consumer (B2C) insurtechs have been posting their quarterly updates. We are a simple business to business (B2B) insurtech company. But then I got to thinking -- why can't we do the same? Keep reading for some updates and the best insurance innovation advice I heard in 2018 (so far)

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China, Insurance Regulators and AI, Oh My!

  This week I attended the World Economic Forum workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services in New York City. It was very surreal to be representing the insurtech world with Fractal Industries at the event. 
I have two big takeaways after listening to people much smarter than me prognosticate on the future. 
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Guess Who's Back?

Hi, I've missed you. RiskGenius has missed you. It's good to be back.

We didn't really go anywhere. The RiskGenius team just put it's head down and started doing the work. We worked on large deployments. We figured out how to scale supervised review. I went on a self-imposed insurtech conference hiatus. And we introduced our own proprietary machine learning platform (more on that below).

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The Insurtech Goldrush Revisited

by Chris Cheatham | Apr 19, 2017 | Collaboration

Something interesting is going on in the insurtech space that I thought I would point out.

It feels like insurtech is maturing.

I am on a plane to California typing this out. It's my second week in a row visiting San Francisco. I am not attending a conference. Instead, I will be presenting to an Insurance Company's Board and Executive Leadership for the second week in a row. 

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Five Clauses that Demonstrate Cyber Insurance Policy Problems

by Chris Cheatham | Mar 10, 2017

A recent article highlighted the fact that only 29 percent of businesses buy cyber insurance. Assuming this number should be higher (it should -- nearly all businesses rely on computers), I already knew one of the reasons why cyber policies are not being purchased.

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Eating Cyber Insurance Policies for Breakfast

Yesterday, I wrote that I need to be doing more and talking less. I've also taken inspiration in Gary Vaynerchuk's Youtube episode "Document, Don't Create."

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